Rob Simpson (emyrs) wrote in steeltipdarts,
Rob Simpson

Paul Lim's 9 dart game

Here is a video clip of Paul Lim playing in a tournament in Germany in the late 90s (I think).

Paul Lim's 9 dart 501 game

I got to play him at an exhibition in Houston at Molly Maguire's Pub, he was playing 5 matches at once on 5 boards, and he was using some 5" long nails (sharpened with dart points on them) instead of darts, he beat 4 of the 5 of us like that (I was one that lost), though he had no 9 dart games (I dont think he had any 12 dart (err nail) games in that format.
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I'm an avid dart player, and i just recently moved to a new dorm room. My new neighbor is a big complainer and says he can hear the thud of darts through the wall (presumably becaue the walls are thin) Can you think of anything I might be able to put behind the cabinext the board is in that might make it a little quieter?


Some sort of styrofoam or just some kind of material maybe
Paul lim's 9 darter was at the lakeside world darts championship in the UK. It is still the only televised ninedarter to be thrown at the lakeside unless one is thrown tonight (the final is tonight).

Paul Lim's nine darter is currently leading in the poll of the top ten lakeside moments with 32%.
he used to come by our league and do a demo every couple of years...

he's play on 5 boards at once, and use sharpened nails instead of darts and whoop all 5 people at once.

man that was wild
I had the honor of throwing with Paul in 2001 in Chicago. The Windy City Darters have an $20,000 Open every Fall that features a Pro-Am tournement. I won a slot 2 years running. One I was paired with Paul Lim and the other with Laurie Verier. Paul is a great guy and a true ambassador of the sport. It is good to see other darters involved with Live Journal.