Vacuum state of peace (bzoppa) wrote in steeltipdarts,
Vacuum state of peace

I know this is a small community...

just joined. a little buzzed after throwing some decent darts.

I'm going to Chicago this weekend and hope to find a decent bar that throws steel tip. If there's anyone out there who can recommend another dart community to join, or who can get me in touch, I'd appreciate it.

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I used to belong to the Windy City Darters and now belong to the southside dart league in Chicago. There are TONS of great places. The only question is what area will you be in? Let me know and I will hook you up. I even know where most of the blind draws are ;)

PS. nice icon
Unfortunately, when I mentioned going to throw on Friday night my friend begged me not to make him go to a bar. I'm a little disappointed, but should acquiesce since he is my host. I would've loved to throw with a new group of people, though.

Incidentally, I'm from D.C. Not a great shot but I can usually take casual throwers. I've started going to lucks (what I guess are blind draws in Chicago) at a different place with some amazing competition and it kind of kicked me out of my complacency—I don't think I've gotten any better in a few years. I'd wanted to keep my hand in but will have to put my darts down for three days.

And thanks about the icon. My friend made it for me, incorporating one of our favorite quotes from L.A. Story because it was oh-so-punningly-appropriate.
Too bad. There are some great places to shoot darts here. Unless you are just bringing a carry-on, I would pack my darts anyway if I were you. Incidentally, you are talking about steel-tipped darts, right? If so, I can point (no pun intended) you to some of the best places...especially if you are going to be on the southside (the Irish love their darts) or in the northern suburbs. Here are a couple of lists. This is a comprehensive list and should not be a list of the best places to shoot.

Northside/suburban directory

Southside directory>/a>

Good luck, and have fun in Chicago!
I'm being evil, hopefully you see this email.

I'm in Hoffman Estates. Is there any place around here? The girl who's coming down this weekend will be here earlier than we thought so we might be able to get tanked enough we don't care about leaving my friend here.

I didn't bring my darts tho *sigh*. We just drove to the bank and I found myself staring at the little strip malls looking for a place that hopefully has darts. I'm sick and obsessed.

So, know anywhere in HOffman Estates with a decent pick-up/people/not a tough level but experienced, and decent to okay bar darts? NOt that I'll be going anywhere, but thought I'd ask.
OK. For dart supplies Check Here

For games try these places:
Gator's (good food too)
Easy Street
<a href=">Duffy's (one of my favorites - sports bar)</a> Hope this helps and good darts.
Well, I'm not going to buy a set of darts tonight :) My boy just gave me a set of hammerheads he won off someone. I'm sure bar darts will suffice for an evening.

We passed Palatine when we were driving! It's nearby! Do they have bar darts? Oh my, I know it's close and I'm scared to even ask him if he knows where it is because he'll know I'm looking for a place to go.

Thanks for the quick response. If you can let me know if they have bar darts I'd be appreciative. I could always call.
I am sure duffy's has bar least they used to 8 months ago.
also try this is my favorite in the area and the most interesting. Duffy's sports bar is where many of the college crowd/30-somethings hang out. 8 steel tip boards and decent food.

hope these help and good darts!
Oh man! The 30-something crowd is me. I'm 29 and .... damn, I just asked him where that place was and he asked if I was planning to sneak off and play darts. Well, maddie's getting here soon, we might be able to convince him.
roflmao! Sounds like he has you pegged.
Just tell him you were interested in all of the sports televisions they have..."oh? they have darts there?"
Well, I just tried to bring it up again and there was a big no. Too bad, looks like Duffy's has a luck this evening.