Russ (poguer) wrote in steeltipdarts,

Dallas Darts

Being a technical consultant, I travel a fair amount for business. The downside to this is that I can no longer be a dependable league player in Chicago's South-side Dart League. On my last assignment, I found a good series of organized luck of the draws in Dallas. The Dallas Dart Circuit is a fairly well run series that has draws most every night of the week. There is some good competition with seeded players like John (J.D.) Dilly and several others that should be ranked as well. There are a couple of outstanding women shooters that play in this series to boot! It has a good mix of seasoned darters and entry-level darters. As I wait for my next assignment, I will pick up some games in Chicago, but will keep the community informed of other dart communities as I experience them. Cheers!
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